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These are two panels from the comic Roadwars by Twinkle (the link goes tothe comic on myreadingmanga's website)

Artist: ζ±δΊ¬  || please don't delete credit

Artist: somanyfangs || please don't delete credit

 Ladies, who has put their mouths around a real 🐴 cock?

I Don't Have A Boyfriend. I Have A Dog.

I have no desire for a boyfriend. No need. I have a big strong dog. He's such a good boy. I want to be a total bitch for him. That's why I have this toy. To practice. It's almost as big as he'll be when he's knotted inside me.

GIF: degrade-and-ruin UdderMaster dicko2511 FuckedUpMind Robindreamz

For those that enjoy a bit of equine companionship 😊